About Us

mi casa tu casa mexican restaurant

Our Story

«Mi Casa Tu Casa» was born from the dream of sharing a passion for Mexican food, keeping alive family recipes that have been passed down through generations. Every dish we serve is a story, a tradition, a piece of our culture.

Our Menu

Our menu stands out for its variety and authenticity. Start your day with our Mexican breakfasts, full of color and flavor, like the classic chilaquiles or huevos rancheros. For lunch and dinner, delight your palate with specialties such as tacos al pastor, enchiladas suizas, and unique moles, accompanied by our traditional beverages. Don’t forget to leave room for a sweet ending with our homemade desserts.

Commitment to Quality

At «Mi Casa Tu Casa», quality is our priority. We select the freshest and most authentic ingredients to ensure the genuine taste of each dish. Our team, expert in Mexican cuisine, is dedicated to preparing each order with the same care and love found in a Mexican home.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Our restaurant is more than a place to eat; it’s a space to enjoy, relax, and feel part of our family. Decorated with vibrant colors and traditional elements, «Mi Casa Tu Casa» invites you to live a complete Mexican experience.

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Come to «Mi Casa Tu Casa» and let yourself be taken on a culinary journey that will make you return time and time again. Your home in Brick, NJ, to savor Mexico in every bite!

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